Senior Vocal - City of Warrnambool Aria

To be eligible for the heats of the Warrnambool Aria competitors must sing in both the Lieder Solo section and Championship Solo section.

Lieder Solo - Own choice of Lieder by any of the following composers - Beethoven, Brahms, Franz Liszt, Carl Loewe, Mahler, Max Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Richard Strauss & Wolf. 

Championship Solo - Competitors must sing two songs.

A. Oratorio. Own choice. To be sung in original key.

B. Art song.

Once through to the heats, the competitors are required to sing an operatic aria preceded by recitative (if any) of their choice in the original key from the standard repertoire of grand opera. All competitors prepare three arias - one for the heats and two for adjudicator's consideration if they are chosen for the final. 

Six competitors are selected to be finalists in the City of Warrnambool Aria.

In the finals competitors are required sing two Arias, firstly introducing their Arias and then briefly describing their character. Finalists also have an interview with the Adjudicator at least one hour before the Final.

2019 PRIZES :    WINNER                               $3,500

                        ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD   $   500

                        RUNNER UPS                         $   200  

2019 Schedule is available HERE

The winner of the Warrnambool Aria in 2018 was Michelle McCarthy from Melbourne (seen pictured). 

It was a case of fourth time lucky for the opera singer, who claimed her first win in Warrnambool, despite catching a cold on her way here.


Supported through Arts Victoria and the Community Support Fund