Committee of Management 2020

Our Committee 

President - Robert Coffey 

Secretary - Greg Allison

Treasurer - Gerard Barker

Fundraising/Sponsorship - Sue Holland

Promotion/Media - Kay Porter

Convenor Senior Vocal/Aria - Chris Hayes

Convenor Speech & Drama - Nicki Baker

Convenor Music (Vocal & Instrumental) - Paddy McGennisken

Convenor Calisthenics - Julie Payne

Convenor Dance - Elizabeth Field

Convenor Highland Dance - Dulcie Jervis

General Committee - Lisa Cavarsan , Gwenda Turland , 

                                     Michele Flack, Lindy Bellman

Our Mission 

To provide aspiring young performers with access to, and participation in the most friendly and accessible eisteddfod competition in the southern region of Victoria, South Australia and beyond.

Our Committee of Management  

The Eisteddfod would not be possible without this team of dedicated volunteers who commit their time each year to assist in the organising and running of the competitive sections.

If you would like to become a member of the Committee, please talk to one of our members.