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Music - Vocal & Instrumental

Do you enjoy listening to music? Come along and support our musicians of all ages.

The Music Eisteddfod has two sections.

      1. Vocal - singing solo, duet, ensembles and choirs.

      2. Instrumental - performances in piano, woodwind, brass, strings, and guitar;

          as soloists, duos, ensembles and bands.

We would love to see you at our various performances in 2023. 

Vocal Competition will run from 6 - 9 June. Vocal Schedule; Primary Choirs; Secondary Choral

Instrumental Competition will run from 13 - 16 June.  Piano; Strings; Guitar; Woodwind/Brass;

                                                             Duets - Instrumental; Ensembles; Stage & Concert Bands

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors, both in kind and prize givers.

Enquiries to  

2018 Brauer Strings.jpg
Chloe Mutton Under 11 Vocal Musical Thea
2018 Warrnambool College Flute Ensemble
Brauer College String Ensemble 2018.jpg
2016 Emmanuel College Chorus.jpg
2018 Warrnambool College Flute Ensemble.


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