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The formal jousting of ideas and concepts. Where two opposing teams are given a particular stance on a topic to either promote or dismiss and where rules dictate that respect for the views of others is honoured. There is a time constraint and each member of a three person team has specific duties they must address. These duties and rules, team score sheets and guidelines are available by contacting the Debating Convenor. (Email: )

Debating does not require that you actually hold the view that you are required to deliver. Passion however is not forbidden. Many of the very best debaters possess the flair of an actor or actress. They are able to use their emotions and their body language and the tone, tempo and temperature of their voice to assist them in their team’s campaign to win the audience to their cause.

For those students who wish to apply logic and reason, and gift wrap it in the beauty and power of carefully chosen words and phrases, and persuade an audience to believe and trust in what you have to say, then debating is for you.

Primary school students in grades 5 and 6 are eligible to compete in the Primary School section and Secondary School students are offered four sections - Years 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12.  The fourth section is impromptu and whilst it may appear at first to be difficult, the duties of speakers and the time restriction of three minutes per speaker makes it an efficient way to debate with only thirty minutes of preparation.

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